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Workers' Comp Reform Is Working

By Mike Brake For decades, advocates of growth and prosperity for Oklahoma argued for three crucial reforms: income tax cuts, right to work, and reform of our costly, unwieldy workers' compensation system. Cuts in the top income tax rates began in the 1990s and have continued sporadically sinc... READ MORE

End Tax Cronyism in Oklahoma

By Will Freeland Tax cronyism is the subversion of sound, pro-growth tax policy—away from universal and uniform applicability to all taxpayers and towards the interests of the politically favored and connected. These sorts of tax provisions create competitive disadvantages in markets and massive e... READ MORE

The New Civics: Using ‘Service Learning’ to Teach Progressive Advocacy

  In Oklahoma and across the country, a new effort is diverting university resources and student time to progressive causes, propagandizing students into progressive beliefs, and creating a cadre of radical activists.   By David Randall There’s a nationwide “New Civics” movement that uses the la... READ MORE

Prosperity Districts: Giving Freedom a Chance

By Nick Dranias Shouldn’t Oklahoma have at least one tool in the public policy toolbox to deliver less government, less regulation, and more constitutional fidelity for a local community that wants it? We certainly have enough tools that do the opposite. There are at least 23 different kinds of m... READ MORE

Keep Education–and Choice–in the States

Education reformers face an enormous temptation to use federal power to foist choice upon the states, which would be destructive not only for the U.S. constitutional order but also for the long-term prospects of school choice itself.   By Greg Forster The election of Donald Trump as president and... READ MORE

To Get to the National Average, Oklahoma Higher Ed Needs to Shed 13,680 Non-Instructional Workers

The U.S. Census Bureau keeps track of all types of data on Oklahoma’s higher education system. The chart above uses Census data to examine the dramatic size and growth in the number of non-instructional workers (per 100 private-sector workers) in Oklahoma’s higher education system. There are ... READ MORE