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What EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Will Mean for Farmers

By Jayson Lusk The appointment of former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was met with predictable cheers from energy entrepreneurs and jeers from some environmental advocacy groups. Much less discussed are the reactions from farmers an... READ MORE

Three Cheers for 'Cost Avoidance'

By Jonathan Small Most Oklahomans know there are really only two ways to deal with the state’s budget shortfall. We can either trim expenses—especially those that can be reduced by some real reforms—or raise taxes. Of course, every time our state raised taxes in the past, that only delayed confron... READ MORE

Oklahoma Politicians Shouldn’t Penalize Parents

By Brandon Dutcher Parents, not government officials, have the moral right to raise their children according to their consciences. That, in a nutshell, is why school choice is so important. Think about it. In a free society, the government rightly defers to parents when it comes to raising their ... READ MORE

Hooray for the Four-Day School Week?

By Trent England What is the best way to evaluate education? While no measure is perfect, one might consider test scores, graduation rates, or success after graduation. Yet the consistently poor results of many Oklahoma students on these measures get clucks and sighs. Instead, citizens are told tha... READ MORE

Will the IRS Give Us Educational Freedom?

By Greg Forster As more people in Washington, D.C. have come to see that there are good reasons not to enact a national school voucher program, attention is turning to another proposal for federal school choice. The idea is for D.C. to use an alternative kind of program, known as a tax-credit schol... READ MORE

In Higher Education, Tuition Often Does More than Replace Lost Appropriations

By Neal McCluskey No one disputes that the sticker price of college—what schools charge, not necessarily what students end up paying—has for decades been rising at a very fast clip. What analysts disagree about is why. There are many possible explanations, but one that has a lot of adherents is th... READ MORE