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The Higher Ed Defunding That’s Yet to Come?

This is Oklahoma—not Oregon or Vermont. When will higher ed officials wake up? By Brandon Dutcher There’s been much hand-wringing lately among some higher-education officials and journalists (to the extent those can be distinguished) about Oklahoma’s recent reduction in government spending on high... READ MORE

Three Higher Ed Reform Ideas

By David Deming Over the past few years the higher education establishment in Oklahoma has repeatedly warned that their mission of education is being compromised by a funding crisis. They want more money but offer nothing in return. Administrators have turned a blind eye to glaring problems and ex... READ MORE

A Solution to the Campus Free-Speech Crisis

By Jonathan Butcher When you suggest that someone should act like an adult and then that person demands you be fired, you’re either part of a reality TV show or on a college campus. Ratings guard free speech in the former, while free speech is in peril in the latter. At many of America’s colleges a... READ MORE

Diversity and Community on Campus

By Greg Forster As students arrive back at college this fall, the state of community on campus has been a hot topic all summer. It’s usually framed as a tradeoff between student rights to free speech and the solidarity of the community. In fact, giving students back their rights is the only hope to... READ MORE

Oklahoma State Government Spending Is Higher than Ever

By Curtis Shelton and Dave Bond In discussions about taxes and state government spending in Oklahoma, some advocates insist that available funding has been slashed to the bone for important public services. The claim is simply not true. While state appropriations in Oklahoma have fallen below prev... READ MORE

Kansas Tax Cuts Were Successful

The liberal media ignore the many successes of the Kansas income-tax cuts. By Dave Bond On June 6, the Kansas Legislature voted to roll back hundreds of millions of dollars of income tax relief enacted during the preceding five years. Beginning in 2012, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law a... READ MORE

The Unfinished Business of Criminal Justice Reform

By Jonathan Small When Oklahoma voters approved State Questions 780 and 781 in 2016, they made themselves perfectly clear: Criminal justice reform is a top priority for Oklahoma. The success of these questions shows a desire among Oklahomans to break the devastating cycle of recidivism and incarce... READ MORE