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Direct Primary Care Puts the Focus on Patients

By Mike Brake Doctor A, a family physician, arrives at his office shortly after 8 a.m. on a typical day. He has 27 patients scheduled today, and by noon he’s seen 16 of them, spending at most 20 minutes with any one patient. He’s also fielded or made a dozen phone calls and signed stacks of insuran... READ MORE

Oklahoma’s Private Sector Boosts Household Income

In the June issue of Perspective (“Oklahoma State Budget Crisis: I Should Say So”), we measured the extent to which the public sector has crowded out the private sector in Oklahoma (see Chart 1). This is important because the evidence is clear that it is the relative size of the private sector that ... READ MORE

Blue-State Blues

Throughout the entire 2017 legislative session, we heard sky-is-falling rhetoric from politicians and lobbyists. We were told Oklahoma must increase revenue or state agencies will face dire consequences. But despite all that noise, Oklahoma state government is now on track to spend more money next ... READ MORE

Is College Worth the Money?

If you are prepared for college-level work, and especially if you intend to major in something in demand in the economy, by all means go to college. The price you will be charged will be inflated, but the investment will still pay off. If you are unprepared for college, however, or plan to major in ... READ MORE

Christians and Public Schools: Babylon, Exodus, or Pentecost?

  There’s no one “right” choice for everyone. Parents should evaluate local schools, public and private, and select the one that aligns best with their views and goals. Of course, parents don’t have an equal choice as long as government uses its tax power to offer free schools while alternatives ne... READ MORE

Oklahoma’s (Missing) $8,872 Teacher Pay Raise

Since 1992 Oklahoma public schools have increased spending by 26 percent per student, adjusted for inflation. At the same time, public school teachers received only a 4 percent real increase in purchasing power. Given that public schools have received large increases in taxpayer support but are pro... READ MORE