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By a Margin of 5 to 1, Oklahomans Say Let Teachers Vote on Unions

By Brandon Dutcher “Getting public policy right in the area of education includes respecting teachers and freeing them from the shackles of old, outmoded systems,” OCPA president Jonathan Small wrote in The Journal Record on March 10. New survey data show that Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly agree... READ MORE

Oklahoma State Budget Crisis? I Should Say So

By J. Scott Moody and Wendy P. Warcholik When it comes to government spending in Oklahoma, the 800-pound gorilla in the room that everyone ignores is this simple question: Should government grow faster than the private sector’s ability to pay? To answer that question, a little history needs to be ... READ MORE

Does School Choice Expand the Welfare State?

By Greg Forster Congratulations, Oklahoma! By pursuing school choice, you did the impossible—you turned some big-government progressives into radical libertarians. Unable to persuade Oklahomans to solve their problems by further expanding the omnipotent and omnibenevolent state, opponents of school... READ MORE

China Plants Flag in Norman

Why is the University of Oklahoma advancing the interests of one of America’s global adversaries? OU should close its Confucius Institute as soon as possible. By Mike Brake If you want to take a course in Chinese at the University of Oklahoma, or study Chinese culture, there’s a chance you’ll be i... READ MORE

Oklahoma Higher Education Spending Continues to Rise

By Trent England The Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education and administrations of state universities and colleges have become a retirement center of sorts for former politicians. Theirs are among the loudest voices at the Capitol and in the media arguing that their funding has been cut to the core.... READ MORE