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Kansas Tax Reforms Having Positive Economic Impact

By William Boyes and Stephen Slivinski The tax reforms enacted in Kansas over the past few years have sparked a national discussion that primarily focused on budget deficits and less on the economic impacts of the reforms. While budget deficits did occur in Kansas following the tax reform, state go... READ MORE

No, the Sky Is Not Falling in Kansas

By Steve Anderson If you’ve read anything lately from liberal think tanks or journalists about tax reform in Kansas, you may think there has been a “failed Kansas experiment.” Many folks are saying that Gov. Sam Brownback’s 2012 income-tax cuts—which started the state towards a statutory goal of no... READ MORE

Don’t Means-Test School Choice

By Greg Forster Limiting school choice programs to low-income households is bad for low-income households. It hurts the rest of us, too, and that matters. But the people it hurts the most are the people who most need better schools, and that’s what matters most. Nobody needs school choice more tha... READ MORE

School Choice Programs Save Taxpayers Money

By Martin F. Lueken There are no more important beneficiaries of educational choice than the families and students who need K-12 options and opportunity. They are the reason we fight to expand choice in every state, including Oklahoma. An important element of this conversation, however, is the fac... READ MORE

Non-Teaching Staff Surge Prevented Oklahoma Teacher Pay Raises

By Benjamin Scafidi Oklahoma state law tries to hold down administrative expenses in public schools. That is a great idea in theory, but does it result in the hiring of more teachers instead of hiring other staffers? The short answer is no. According to data reported by the Oklahoma State Departme... READ MORE

Oklahoma’s Prison Crisis: The Enormous Cost of Doing Nothing

By Jonathan Small and Trent England Oklahoma’s prisons are in a state of emergency—fiscally and literally. Already dramatically over capacity, Oklahoma’s prison population is projected to grow by 25 percent over the next decade, at a cost of nearly $2 billion to taxpayers. Since it’s unlikely the ... READ MORE

For Many Oklahoma Farmers, Trade Is a Big Deal

By Jayson Lusk Trade has emerged as one of the hot-button issues in modern politics. To be sure, much of the discussion has centered on the impacts of trade on manufacturing jobs; however, it is important to consider the impacts of trade—and potential changes in trade policy—on other sectors of the... READ MORE