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Is Illiberal Education a Public Good?

By Greg Forster Oklahomans agree that liberal education—education that helps people grow as rational beings who know truth—is a public good. That’s why they give their hard-earned tax money to subsidize schools like the University of Oklahoma. But universities’ status as a public good depends entir... READ MORE

Should the Government Tax Soda?

By Jayson Lusk Worrisome trends in the prevalence of obesity and type II diabetes have raised questions about the role of the federal and state governments in regulating the healthfulness of consumers’ diets. While fat and sugar taxes were considered fanciful ideas just a couple of decades ago, the... READ MORE

Oklahoma’s Prison Crisis: Working towards a Solution

By Jonathan Small and Trent England Last month in these pages, we explored the enormous cost of Oklahoma’s state prison system and the extraordinary growth in new prisoners that will require adding more prisons in the next two years. This month, we look towards a solution. Thirty years of short-si... READ MORE

Higher Education Is a Mission–Not an Excuse

By Trent England Thomas Jefferson ignored the presidency when he wrote his epitaph. Instead, he chose to be remembered as author of the Declaration of Independence and Virginia’s Statute of Religious Freedom and as “father of the University of Virginia.” Creating the university mattered so much to ... READ MORE