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Oklahoma Education Spending Continues to Rise

By Byron Schlomach In a recent policy brief published by the 1889 Institute (“Public Education Spending in a Historical Context”), I made the case that Americans have lavished more resources on public education than even the National Education Association would have dreamed of a hundred years ago. ... READ MORE

Income Taxes & Team Success

By Mike Brake Want to help the Thunder win an NBA championship? Eliminate the state income tax! Okay, it’s not quite that simple. But a new study by a University of Illinois economist finds a clear correlation between state income tax rates and the winning (or losing) records of professional sport... READ MORE

School Choice and Segregation

By Greg Forster If you want to make sure schools are segregated, the quickest and easiest way to do it is to force families into schools based on their ZIP codes. Segregation flourishes under the government monopoly—both because schools are tied to ZIP codes and because power brokers draw the atten... READ MORE

A Closer Look at S&P’s Bond Rating Downgrade of Oklahoma

By William Freeland and Jonathan Small Earlier this year, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) downgraded Oklahoma government debt a notch. According to a March 1, 2017, “ratings action” memo: “S&P Global Ratings lowered its rating on the state of Oklahoma's general obligation (GO) bonds and appropriation d... READ MORE

A Tribute to State Question 640

By Jonathan Small As lawmakers navigated through the final days of the 2017 legislative session, with debates over budget gaps and proposed tax increases, some who love the idea of soaking the taxpayers for all they can get bemoaned the existence of one of the most important constitutional safeguar... READ MORE