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Health Freedom
Health Care Freedom in Jeopardy

December 5, 2008 - 4:12pm CST

Those of us who are concerned about health care have a lot to worry about. Sen. Ted Kennedy has been rushing to put together a comprehensive reform package as his final legacy. At a bare minimum it will involve:     A mandate on all Americans to buy health insurance;     A mandate on near... READ MORE

Oklahoma at the Crossroads of Health Care Reform

September 2, 2008 - 4:13pm CDT

Oklahoma tried to jump on the bandwagon of health care reform 10 years ago. Unfortunately, it was the wrong bandwagon. Since the creation of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority in 1994, the state has been flirting with a Clinton-style health care system which has disrupted patients, health care provi... READ MORE

Mandates or Markets?

September 1, 2008 - 4:15pm CDT

Earlier this year, the Oklahoma Comprehensive Health Independence Plan, or O-CHIP, was introduced into the intensifying debate over what direction our state will take on arguably the most immediate of many pressing economic challenges. If state leaders move Oklahoma's insurance policy dynamic i... READ MORE

Ron Peterson's Stand for Principle

June 10, 2008 - 2:55pm CDT

Late in this year’s legislative session, early in a long interview at his state capitol office, state Rep. Ron Peterson (R-Tulsa) responded to this reporter’s jabs with a big grin: “I’m not the devil!” God blessed Oklahoma in late May. The legislature adjourned. But during the session, Peterson too... READ MORE

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