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Image January 2018
2018 Freedom Agenda
Image December 2017
Fresh Air Time
Image November 2017
Profitable Nonprofits
Image October 2017
Certifiably Inane
Image September 2017
Reforming Higher Education
Image August 2017
Putting Patients First
Image July 2017
Income Taxes & Team Successes
Image June 2017
Oklahoma's State Budget Crisis
Image May 2017
Three Cheers for 'Cost Avoidance'
Image April 2017
Workers' Comp Reform is Working
Image March 2017
Is Illiberal Education a Public Good?
Image February 2017
Kansas Tax Reforms Have Job Growth Blooming
Image January 2017
2017 Freedom Agenda
Image December 2016
Oklahoma Budget Cuts Don't Explain Tuition Increases
Image November 2016
Why Government Governs Its Schools Wrong (And How to Fix It)
Image October 2016
Voters' Guide to Ballot Measures
Image September 2016
We Can Do It
Image August 2016
On a Mission
Image July 2016
For the Children
Image June 2016
Sustainability: The Left's New Facade
Image May 2016
A Mosaic of Options
Image April 2016
You Got a License for That?
Image March 2016
Greatly Deceptive Portrait
Image February 2016
Freedom Agenda
Image January 2016
Education Savings Accounts
Image December 2015
Oklahoma's Shrinking Private Sector
Image November 2015
Teacher Shortage
Image October 2015
What Oklahoma Policymakers Can Learn from the Chickasaws
Image September 2015
Oklahoma Is Tough On Crime
Image August 2015
Why Federal-Funds Transparency Is a Must
Image July 2015
School Choice: A Declaration of Independence
Image June 2015
Underpaid? Join the Club
Image May 2015
School Choice Myths
Image April 2015
Rural Opportunitity
Image March 2015
Marching to Freedom
Image January 2015
Protecting Vulnerable Children
Image December 2014
The 2014 Tax Revolt
Image November 2014
2015 Freedom Agenda
Image October 2014
Innovation vs. Regulation
Image September 2014
Does God Want Big Government?
Image August 2014
What's the Matter with Kansas' Critics?
Image July 2014
Thwarting Health Care Reform
Image June 2014
Education Spending
Image May 2014
School Choice Saves Money
Image April 2014
Free Market Medicine
Image March 2014
Tax Cuts or Tax Hikes?
Image February 2014
Government Spending at an All-Time High
Image January 2014
Does Per-Pupil Spending Matter?
Image December 2013
Free-Market Farm Policy
Image November 2013
Why the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion is Bad for Oklahoma
Image October 2013
Money Walks
Image September 2013
Open for Business
Image August 2013
Growth Experience - Oklahoma's Tax Cuts Have Worked
Image December 2011
The New Technology: Lessons from History
Image May 2011
Taxation Through the Ages
Image January 2010
Numbers Game
Image August 2009
Schools in the Slums
Image August 2007
Education Myths
Image May 2007
Conduct Unbecoming
Image March 2007
For the Children?
Image February 2010
Could selling CompSource be a good first step toward workers' comp reform?
Image May 2009
What Churchill Can Teach Barack Obama (And Us)